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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

11 October 2019

Whether you have recently graduated, or at a later stage in your career; using LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool in getting you your next job.

This guide aims to help you in achieving your goals, starting with how you come across to you potential connections and employers alike. 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn on a regular basis, which means that this is amongst the best ways to achieve your ambition of getting your dream job.

Park Avenue Recruitment can connect you with potential employers, but to maximise your success, it is also essential to improve your social media profile, so recruiters searching for you aren’t put off.

We have used our expertise in recruitment to show you how simple changes and adjustments to your profile can reap in large rewards.

The following are our top 5 quick tips on how to improve your social media presence. Starting from the top (Literally)

1. Your Photo

Your photo is the gateway to you.

Research has proven that ‘having a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others’ (Source: LinkedIn). This also helps recruiters put a face to a name, which can improve your memorability.

But make sure you are memorable for the right reasons, and not the wrong ones. Follow achieve this follow these simple criteria:

  • Make sure you are the focus (60% of the overall frame is perfect).
  • Be friendly (Smile for the camera)
  • Make eye contact.
  • Be professional- (NO Snapchat filters)
  • Plain backgrounds

If your profile doesn’t meet this criteria, it might be worth searching for a new picture.

You may be putting recruiters off, before you’ve even started.

2. Memorable Headline

Imagine you are the recruiter, rummaging through LinkedIn for potential candidates, you have been looking through profiles for hours, and then you come across your profile…

Do you stop scrolling?

I hope you would! However, the skill of creating a punchy, well-written headline is an art form that is relatively unaccomplished.

Does your headline read something like this: ‘Building Surveyor at [Company Name]? If it does, then follow these simple steps to guarantee higher success:

  • Add your specialty
  • Add your strongest skills
  • Demonstrate how you add value

(Please remember this is a professional platform, and not opening night at the comedy club)

You’ve grabbed their attention. Now to seal the deal!

3. Flaunt what you've got

You’ve worked hard to gain the experience and skillsets that you currently have, so why hide this from recruiters?

I’m not telling you to shout it from the rooftops!

Unless you somehow, suddenly stumble across a crowd of potential recruiters (In which case, please do be safe!)

But make sure that everything is clearly visible, to avoid ambiguity, and questions regarding whether you are correct for the types of roles you are applying for.

The best tips we can provide to ensure this is:

Deviate from the norm! Put your own unique twist on how you frame your skillset.

Similar to the headlines, you want to stand out.

This starts with avoiding ‘Buzz Words’ (i.e. Leadership, Passionate, etc.). I know you can be more creative that that!

Here is a list of the 10 most in-demand skills in 2019:

Rack you memory. Leave everything you have on the page.

Each job posting is accompanied by a set of skills, which are matched against your profile. If you have not included everything on your profile, you are doing yourself a dis-service.

Users with at least 5 skills on their profile are 17x more likely to add more profile views than those users who fail to list skills (Source: Leisure Jobs).


Be industry specific.

Whilst you may have skills in other areas, make sure you relate them back to your industry.

(That is who will be recruiting you after all!)

If the roles you are looking for include requirements in certain software, of programmes, make sure that you are sure to include these skills in your list.

Provide examples of your skills and experience.

So you’ve demonstrated your suitability for the role you want, through your amazing skillsets.

4. Ask for endorsements

Now is your chance to demonstrate how skilful you are in these proficiencies, by asking your 1st degree connections to vouch for you.

These are somewhat as important as references at LinkedIn whilst providing a quick way for potential recruiters and your contacts alike to show where your expertise lie.

So, go out and bug your colleagues to help you improve your future.

5. Put the 'Social' in Social Media

When utilised correctly, social media can propel you from one or two views, to an influx of profile views. Whilst this might be true, make sure you are posting the right content. This can easily be achieved by:

Relevant Articles

Through sharing and reading of relevant articles, you can really show potential recruiters what you have to offer as a candidate.

By posting articles that are field-relevant, and up-to-date, you are able to show an understanding of key topics, which display both your understanding and aptitude alike.

Sharing is caring after all!

Come on Chameleon

Don’t be afraid to out your own opinion on things! Repeating the same may get you some exposure. But we want you to make waves, not ripples!

Nobody ever got famous by being reserved!

Ask Boy George.

Stay Active

50% look to find whether a candidate possesses an online persona.

Make some noise.

What is the worst that could happen?

We, here at Park Avenue hope this article has provided you with some valuable tips to find your dream role.

Now you are ready to show companies’ what you’ve got to offer!

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