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Determining Your Worth

16 October 2019

Are you looking for a new career path? Feel as if you should be earning more money? Or are you a graduate unsure about your worth in the current marketplace?

If you happen to fit these criteria, then we hope this guide can be helpful tool in successfully determining your worth in the current marketplace.

Whether you are driven by satisfaction in your employment or monetary incentives, it is imperative to understand and grasp your worth in relation your employment when searching for jobs, to ensure that you are being paid adequately for your contributions.

The following steps shall strong-arm you with the information you will need to accurately determine your worth, so you can assertively go into interviews with a clear bottom-line:

  • Research

The initial stage of determining your self-worth starts with in-depth research into your chosen career path.

Obviously, certain industries, and roles are far more lucrative than others; however, each job role has a standardised value based on elements pertaining to location and responsibilities, amongst other facets.

So, we would definitely recommend you conduct (at the very least) a simple ‘Google search’ into the type of role(s) you would like to venture in to.

Alternatively, a quicker method of determining the worth of certain roles, can be found here:

  • Realistic Expectations

While every bright-eyed graduate aims to be earning in excess of 100k in a matter of years; it is essential to think realistically and to look at other virtues and values of opportunities that you are faced with.

There is no harm in dreaming big, but setting your sights too high may lead to a bit of an anticlimatic reality- dream for the stars- but not the entire galaxy!

  • Incentives

A fundamental consideration when determining your market value is the evaluation of the current package you earn compared to roles that you have been searching for.

Whilst you may opt for a higher starting salary, it is important to review your current situation, to determine whether you are better/worse off by taking the highest paying job.

For example: Do you receive more annual leave than in your current workplace? Does more annual leave beat more pay? Or do you not care about a few more days off?

This will need to be internally processed by you; it all rests on your motivations for the career change.

  • Proficiencies

Every industry has obvious, and essential requirements; whether this is a university degree, or experience within a certain field.

These are often pre-requisites, and determine whether you will be invited for an initial interview. But what if you possess skills that are not essential for the role in question? Will you get paid more because of them?

Not in every circumstance; but a diverse portfolio of skills and proficiencies can help give leverage in contract negotiations, and boost your employability tremendously (providing they are relevant to the job).

So, ensure the employer is fully aware of these skills, to help you negotiate a higher pay package.

You spent your time developing a diverse set of skills, so please do exploit them to your use.

We wouldn’t recommend quoting Liam Neeson (Film: Taken), but dialogue along these lines should be uttered: “What I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career

We hope this guide shall provide you with the vital information you need to help ‘determine your worth’ in the current marketplace.

Following each step extensively should ensure that you go into contract negotiations with a clear, and accurate figure you are willing to accept from the role, whilst also helping you filter out prospective roles whilst you search.

The decision cannot be made based on monetary value alone, so please carefully consider all of the internal and external factors, to ensure that you are happy in your future role.

You need to be the perfect fit, just as much as the job needs to be a perfect fit for you!


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