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Crooked House: Owners of wonky pub ordered to rebuild
Enforcement notice served for the reconstruction of "Britain's Wonkiest Inn" 🧑‍⚖️     The Crooked House in Himley, Staffordshire, renowned for its leaning walls and quirky charm, was destroyed and demolished in a suspected arson attack last August, 2 weeks after being sold 🔥   The story has captivated the public, and the local authority, South Staffordshire Council, has issued an enforcement notice to the owners to rebuild the pub in the next 3 years 👏   Rebuilding a structure with such unique characteristics will surely present challenges; reconstruction must adhere to planning regulations while maintaining its distinctive features, but the council are committed to upholding the pub's legacy!   Will the focus be on replicating the original structure and adhering to historical preservation guidelines, or will the rebuild ensure that the pub meets modern safety and accessibility standards? What can be done to ensure The Crooked House's future success and continued cultural significance? Share your thoughts! 💡 @[Amy Holt](urn:li:person:QJiOv6zT_J) @[Liam South](urn:li:person:oTtObZFq2y) @[Shannon O’Sullivan](urn:li:person:rA_UZPMVhR) @[Billy Hiron](urn:li:person:TD06qJjty0) @[Oscar Balfour](urn:li:person:vkLFQhMigt) {hashtag|\#|publicsector} {hashtag|\#|planning} {hashtag|\#|heritage} {hashtag|\#|crookedhouse} {hashtag|\#|community} {hashtag|\#|development} {hashtag|\#|localauthority}