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Park Avenue Recruitment
Our wonderful May Achievers enjoyed tacos and margaritas in celebration of their successes throughout the last month 🥳 A massive well done goes to each of them for consistently putting 110% effort into their work and showing positive attitudes, even on the tough days! 👏 Recruitment is a challenging industry and things are by no means straightforward all the time, but these guys have shown grit and determination to overcome all obstacles, accountability for their personal and professional growth and commitment to being the best recruiters out there 💪 We are incredibly proud of our team 🚀 @[Sydney Asher](urn:li:person:E0BzKgCzf_) @[Amir Sudra](urn:li:person:Qk5HPK4Pdo) @[Alicia Gristwood](urn:li:person:h4oRXwRof0) @[Millie Winfield](urn:li:person:CHCBe8Mr5m) @[Joe Catford](urn:li:person:pz-idwWpB6) @[Richard Harris](urn:li:person:4Hygal_HGq) @[Shivani Sahaya](urn:li:person:vlnkrBffy8) @[Emma Dawson](urn:li:person:tOQW1XQDhc) {hashtag|\#|topachievers} {hashtag|\#|teamwork} {hashtag|\#|london} {hashtag|\#|worklife} {hashtag|\#|business} {hashtag|\#|recruitment} {hashtag|\#|recruiters} {hashtag|\#|lunchclub} {hashtag|\#|graduatejobs} {hashtag|\#|jobsinlondon} {hashtag|\#|parkavenuerec}