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Park Avenue Recruitment
🌟We will be at this year's @[Local Government Chronicle](urn:li:organization:18417485) Awards, next Wednesday at Grosvenor House Hotel!🌟 This prestigious event celebrates the best in local government, showcasing innovation across a diverse range of council services 👏 We are honoured to work in partnership with many of the councils nominated this year, and we look forward to joining in the celebrations 🥳 The councils shortlisted for these awards have achieved outstanding results in various areas, including improved community involvement, diversity and inclusion, housing programmes, and environmental services 🏘️ Their brilliant work sets a high standard for excellence in local government 🤝 Best of luck to all the nominees! We look forward to an inspiring evening recognising the hard work and dedication of local councils 🚀 If you are attending, please come and say hello to our team – we are eager to meet many professionals in the industry! @[Richard Harris](urn:li:person:4Hygal_HGq) @[Ella Lamport](urn:li:person:TKG-5RmO5P) @[Ben Brown](urn:li:person:pBYSM3RikX) @[Amy Holt](urn:li:person:QJiOv6zT_J) @[Alicia Gristwood](urn:li:person:h4oRXwRof0) @[Emma Dawson](urn:li:person:tOQW1XQDhc) {hashtag|\#|LGCawards} {hashtag|\#|localgovernment} {hashtag|\#|councilinnovation} {hashtag|\#|networking} {hashtag|\#|communityexcellence} {hashtag|\#|diversity} {hashtag|\#|inclusion} {hashtag|\#|localcouncils} {hashtag|\#|housing} {hashtag|\#|environmentalhealth} {hashtag|\#|publicsector} {hashtag|\#|recruitment} {hashtag|\#|business} {hashtag|\#|parkavenuerec}