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Park Avenue Recruitment
It's {hashtag|\#|TestimonialTuesday} 🥳 amazing work from @[Liam South](urn:li:person:oTtObZFq2y)! Brilliant feedback received from one of Liam's Public Sector Hiring Managers 🤩 showcasing his ability to communicate effectively and be a trusted partner in the recruitment process 👏 A key factor in the success of any hiring process is the proactive collaboration between recruitment consultants and hiring managers, specifically a trust-based relationship to ensure both parties are aligned in their goals 🚀 Liam demonstrates expertise, transparency and commitment, tailoring his approach and simplifying the whole hiring experience from start to finish 🤝 If you're looking for a new placement within Town Planning in the public sector, or interested in knowing more about contracting, get in touch with Liam today or visit our website! 💡 {hashtag|\#|townplanning} {hashtag|\#|contractjobs} {hashtag|\#|localauthority} {hashtag|\#|publicsector} {hashtag|\#|recruitment} {hashtag|\#|recruiter} {hashtag|\#|jobsinlondon} {hashtag|\#|localcouncils} {hashtag|\#|business} {hashtag|\#|london} {hashtag|\#|parkavenuerec}