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Park Avenue Recruitment
Our Leadership Team's commitment to learning ways of constantly improving 🚀 Last week, our managers and team leaders got together for a workshop with Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach, @[Caroline Lansbury](urn:li:person:H1zgGbpZHU), teaching them professional coaching techniques for leadership conversations 🗣️ They discussed: 🦻 The importance of actively listening ❓ Asking open questions 🤝 Providing effective feedback In order to support the wider team and understand their goals, tackling any potential barriers that may arise and committing to sustainable ways of moving forward 👏 It is incredibly important to our leaders to learn how to effectively help our team flourish and grow to be the best that they can be 💪 They've been putting what they've learnt into practice and look forward to more workshops! @[Amy Holt](urn:li:person:QJiOv6zT_J) @[Alicia Gristwood](urn:li:person:h4oRXwRof0) @[Ben Brown](urn:li:person:pBYSM3RikX) @[Richard Harris](urn:li:person:4Hygal_HGq) @[Ella Lamport](urn:li:person:TKG-5RmO5P) @[Daisy White](urn:li:person:EPiWkeWqjQ) @[Sophie Phillips](urn:li:person:UK9pJb-5AO) @[Shivani Sahaya](urn:li:person:vlnkrBffy8) {hashtag|\#|leadership} {hashtag|\#|coaching} {hashtag|\#|coachingforsuccess} {hashtag|\#|feedbacktechniques} {hashtag|\#|management} {hashtag|\#|teamleaders} {hashtag|\#|professionalcoaching} {hashtag|\#|activelistening} {hashtag|\#|workshops} {hashtag|\#|businessgrowth} {hashtag|\#|consulting} {hashtag|\#|parkavenuerec}