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Navigating Burnout and Strategies for Stress Management
An amazing Wellness Wednesday yesterday with @[Rhoda Edwards](urn:li:person:sDqVQ0O0_j), leading a mental health keynote with our team about Navigating Burnout and Strategies for Stress Management 🤩 We all spend the majority of our days/weeks/months at work and with our colleagues, so it is imperative to ensure that our working environment is positive, supportive and productive 👏 During the keynote we all learnt something very important: stress isn't bad for you, it's getting stuck in it that is bad for you 💡 A manageable amount of stress can be motivating, but too much leads to burnout ❌ by delaying any immediate negative reactions, assessing our abilities, selecting the best approach and reframing our mindset, we can handle pressures and bounce back 💪 Massive thank you to Rhoda for coming to our office, sharing some brilliant methods for managing our stress levels in the workplace and brightening our day with her infectious energy! 🤗 {hashtag|\#|workplacewellness} {hashtag|\#|stressmanagement} {hashtag|\#|navigatingburnout} {hashtag|\#|mentalhealth} {hashtag|\#|buildingresilience} {hashtag|\#|employeewellbeing} {hashtag|\#|wellnesswednesday} {hashtag|\#|keynotespeaker} {hashtag|\#|parkavenuerec}