15 September 2021
Have you ever wondered who to seek in the case your landlord is not providing the minimum safety or hygiene standards for your property, or if your local shop has a clear food safety issue? That is where Environmental Health Officers come in.  Read more
02 June 2021
Arguably the hardest challenge you will face during your job hunt is making your CV stand out from other applicants. Hiring managers will often only spend a few seconds scanning through your CV before deciding ‘yes’ or...  Read more
16 February 2021
I recently spoke with Coralie Holman, Head of Commercial Property Services at Wealden District Council around how COVID-19 has affected the workplace and recruitment process.  Read more
27 November 2020
Are you a red, blue, green, yellow? We explore how identifying personalities can help you in interview, with your colleagues, and beyond...  Read more
23 November 2020
We're all online nowadays, but is your professional online presence as great as it should be?  Read more
26 August 2020
It’s been a manic few months in the Housing and Planning sectors....  Read more
08 July 2020
Team member Kerri shares her top tips for working (whilst parenting!) from home, and how she's managed a work/life balance this year.  Read more
01 July 2020
How do I stay in contract? How do I maximise my chance of finding a new contract during a global pandemic?  Read more
01 July 2020
Take a look to see how our Housing team, Manisha and Sarah, are managing to work from home and stay in touch during this difficult and uneasy time. They have shared their tips and tricks which have helped them so far, and may hopefully help you too!  Read more

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