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Working from home during COVID-19

01 July 2020

Now is a time that I am sure none of us ever envisioned being in – the uncertainty, apprehension and anxiety is at all time high without the pressure of having to work from home too! I have put together the following few tips and tricks that I have found very useful over the transition period of the past few weeks and I hope that they might help you too!

1. A key aspect of my day is having some form of interaction with my colleagues or friends - Manisha and I work together side by side on the housing team so it has been strange not being able to grab a coffee together in the morning to start our day or even go for lunch. We have now found that video-calling each other each morning with a cup of coffee and coming up with a day plan starts our day off on a positive note. This brings an inch of normality back into our routine and definitely keeps us from going crazy!

2. I would highly recommend arranging a time in the day to connect with your colleagues or friends to maintain some kind of interaction on a daily basis other than with the people you live with. As a team we have been scheduling weekly Friday pub quizzes on zoom, which have been great as again it is something to look forward to and sets you up for the weekend.

3. Organise your energy! The key is to plan your day around you and your    productivity. I for example, work best in the morning and arrange all my phone calls during that time and save any other admin bits for the afternoon when I begin to slow down. It is important right now to work smart during the hours you know you are most productive, as opposed to working all day at a lower efficiency – Remember, quality NOT quantity. Take well deserved breaks when you can and even treat yourself to something at the end of the day, that way you also have something to look forward to.

4.  Another thing I have been doing is learning Spanish on an app called Duo Lingo - I have been doing 15 minutes a day, which I have already learnt so much from.You can listen to these sessions’ whilst cooking (which I have also been finding very therapeutic) or doing general bits and bobs around your home.

5. Lastly… Exercise! I used to dread working out after a long day at work, however, it has been the most positive thing for both my mental and physical wellbeing during lockdown. It enables me to rid my mind of any stresses and of course, boosts those serotonin levels and releases all the lovely endorphins ready for an evening of good food and an episode of the latest trending series!

Please don’t forget that if you are self-isolating with members of your family, spend quality time with them too. I know it’s not the case for all, but if you’re lucky enough to be healthy during this period, make the most of this time to take a step back and slow down. It is so important to take advantage of this time for yourself and your families. Being at home has definitely given us all the opportunity to do things we don’t usually have the time for in our busy schedules.

Stay safe and stay home…

The Housing Team


Manisha Josan

Manisha Josan Consultant Housing Services Specialist

Sarah Alfouadi

Sarah Alfouadi Consultant Housing Services Specialist

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