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Sophie Phillips

Head of Talent, Learning & Development
  • Operations Team

About Sophie


Sophie is a vital part of our senior management team, overseeing all aspects of Learning & Development. She is responsible for the entire training journey of our employees, from the initial onboarding of new recruits to providing ongoing training for employees at all levels. Sophie's dedication ensures that every team member is equipped with the essential skills they need to succeed and become expert recruiters in their fields.


Sophie designs and delivers our comprehensive training programs that cover all facets of recruitment. Her hands-on approach and personalised training sessions help new recruits quickly adapt and thrive in their roles, while her advanced training modules ensure that seasoned employees continue to grow and excel. Her role in Learning & Development is crucial to the success of our organisation. Her ability to inspire, educate, and develop talent has made a significant impact, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.


In addition to her commitment to training others, Sophie is also deeply invested in her own professional growth. She has recently begun training in HR, further expanding her knowledge and skills to better support our team.


After studying English Literature at the University of Portsmouth, Sophie began her recruitment career by placing interim consultants into the Public Sector, specialising in Property Services. Over seven successful years, she honed her expertise and developed a passion for nurturing talent. This passion led her to take her role internal, shifting her focus to supporting others as they embark on their own recruitment careers.


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