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Park Avenue Recruitment
We are thoroughly excited to be welcoming @[Rhoda Edwards](urn:li:person:sDqVQ0O0_j) to our office tomorrow for our March Wellness Wednesday! 🥳 Leading us through a discussion about themes that are very important in all workplaces of any industry, we are looking forward to learning from Rhoda and putting these strategies into practice ✨ Our team's mental health and well-being is our top priority; we promote a healthy work-life balance and are dedicated to providing each member of Park Avenue with the tools and support they need to flourish in the workplace 💙 {hashtag|\#|workplacewellness} {hashtag|\#|stressmanagement} {hashtag|\#|navigatingburnout} {hashtag|\#|mentalhealth} {hashtag|\#|buildingresilience} {hashtag|\#|employeewellbeing}