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Park Avenue Recruitment
Last week we celebrated the end of our financial year at Park Avenue, and looked back at all the amazing achievements our team have had πŸ₯³ 8 promotions, company records smashed, lots of new clients to work in partnership with, networking events, amazing feedback collected along the way and many more great successes 🀩 Our entire team works incredibly hard to provide a seamless recruitment experience consistently, to build an expert reputation in our industry and to help deliver place-changing projects across local authorities of the UK 🌟 We're incredibly proud and so grateful to have such an outstanding workforce; we can't wait for all the exciting things that are yet to come πŸš€ New website, new team members, new records, to name a few! πŸ‘ watch this space πŸ‘€ @[Joe Catford](urn:li:person:pz-idwWpB6) @[Liam South](urn:li:person:oTtObZFq2y) @[Alex Tigg](urn:li:person:EaBHfpYH0G) @[Ella Lamport](urn:li:person:TKG-5RmO5P) @[Alicia Gristwood](urn:li:person:h4oRXwRof0) @[Amir Sudra](urn:li:person:Qk5HPK4Pdo) @[Ben Brown](urn:li:person:pBYSM3RikX) @[Shivani Sahaya](urn:li:person:vlnkrBffy8) @[Billy Hiron](urn:li:person:TD06qJjty0) @[Sydney Asher](urn:li:person:E0BzKgCzf_) @[Emma Dawson](urn:li:person:tOQW1XQDhc) @[Millie Winfield](urn:li:person:CHCBe8Mr5m) @[Shannon O’Sullivan](urn:li:person:rA_UZPMVhR) @[Richard Harris](urn:li:person:4Hygal_HGq) @[Olivia Davies](urn:li:person:htzpkBsvRL) @[Sophie Phillips](urn:li:person:UK9pJb-5AO) @[Daisy White](urn:li:person:EPiWkeWqjQ) @[Amy Holt](urn:li:person:QJiOv6zT_J) {hashtag|\#|financialyear} {hashtag|\#|teamappreciation} {hashtag|\#|publicsector} {hashtag|\#|localauthority} {hashtag|\#|recruitment} {hashtag|\#|recruiters} {hashtag|\#|hiring} {hashtag|\#|graduatejobs} {hashtag|\#|recruiterjobs} {hashtag|\#|teamwork} {hashtag|\#|joinourteam} {hashtag|\#|parkavenuerec}