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Park Avenue Recruitment
Park Avenue are diving back in time to celebrate the role that development has played in our country's heritage by placing the spotlight on towns nationwide💡 To kick things off, we're celebrating Welwyn Garden City - the birthplace of our director, @[Richard Harris](urn:li:person:4Hygal_HGq)! Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, was founded in 1920 as the second garden city in England, the brainchild of Sir Ebenezer Howard, a visionary urban planner 🌻 Its design was a response to the overcrowded cities of the industrial era, aiming to combine the best of urban and rural living with a blend of green spaces, residential areas and commercial hubs 🌳 The city's layout is characterised by tree-lined streets and spacious parks, with an emphasis on accessibility, sustainability and inclusive communities 👥 Welwyn Garden City continues to evolve while honouring its heritage as part of @[Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council](urn:li:organization:1161588), with several developments underway, such as Broadwater Road West and Birchall Garden Suburb, focusing on creating new homes and green spaces, as well as revitalising the town centre and creating new facilities 🏡 The big question is... how will this Garden City age? Is the infrastructure scalable while keeping to its principles? Share your thoughts! {hashtag|\#|welwyngardencity} {hashtag|\#|welwynhatfield} {hashtag|\#|development} {hashtag|\#|regeneration} {hashtag|\#|gardencity} {hashtag|\#|urbanplanning} {hashtag|\#|greenspaces} {hashtag|\#|sustainability} {hashtag|\#|localauthority} {hashtag|\#|publicsector} {hashtag|\#|newhomes} {hashtag|\#|builtenvironment} {hashtag|\#|heritage} {hashtag|\#|ruralspaces} {hashtag|\#|community} {hashtag|\#|industrynews} {hashtag|\#|parkavenuerec}